Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “You are what you eat” by Dr. Suresh at THUB on 27th Nov 2016
Do you know why Indians drink lemon with honey water? For vitamin C. Richest source of vitamin C is guava fruit. We hardly eat it though it is available in plenty. The amount of antioxidants coming from one guava is same as what you get from two buckets full of green tea. In Japanese don’t have cultivated land. They have to rely on seafood. They eat anything that moves to get right nutrients. They need seaweed salt to digest such complex food. Japanese people need green tea for their essentials.
To break down the fat and extract energy from it, one needs enzymes. These are essential ingredients to break fat.
You got a cut. Doctor washes your wound. Gives you betadine. Uses gauze to cover it up. He gives you Tetanus. If the skin is open, you need Tetanus. TT shot, antibiotic and pain killer are standard regimen for any injury. Out of these three drugs, what does help you to cure the cut? None. Why are you taking the medicine? Who is healing the body? Your body got the ability to heal. We are facilitating the process to guard the damaged site and avoid extra bodies from getting in. This healing is opposite to what we discussed about aging. If aging is accelerated, healing capacity is not up to the mark.
Human body is made of different organ systems. Each organ system is made of different organs. Kidney, urinary bladder and all part of same organ system.
Tissue is a group of cells doing same function. Living cell is a basic unit of human body. These cells come up with an expiry date. Blood expires. Red blood cell lives up to three months. Every 3 months we have new set of RBCs in our body. It is a continuous process. Every day, one hundredths of the cells get replaced. This is the same with every cell, skin cells, muscle cells, bone cells and bone marrow. Bone cells are completely filled with minerals and hence bone is hard. Stomach has New lining every three days. Body is in complete dynamic equilibrium.
Our knowledge on nutrition is not good. Doctors ask me some time “should I eat flak seeds?”.  For record, all oils are cholesterol free. How do we expect not to have basics on the raw material i.e. food for our body. We had 160 billion liters of soft drink in 2013 alone.
We stay healthy as long as we take care of our body. Where do you go to get healthy? How do you remain healthy? Hospitals say get sick and then come here so we cure you. Health care is non-existent. All we have is disease care. Snapshot of our life is not enough to say we are healthy. It is quite dynamic.
A bone is getting regenerated and degenerated. Degenerative diseases are lifestyle driven. Am I a swimming coach of a fish? No. you guys eat. You should know how to eat. India is one of the sickest nations in India. We asked in a survey, how many students run impromptu 5 kilometres. We asked 16 year olds to do three minutes of jogging. Only 16 out of 250 females did spot jogging for more than 30 seconds. None could do more. I am driving a point here. If this is the status, can we have thubbers run non stop 5 kilometers?
Vitamin D: Why are we worried about it? There is lot of research on vitamin D. It is a sign of your liveliness.  When you are living by being with nature, body senses that you are living. Vitamin D senses this and body undergoes metabolises. Each cell goes through one million chemical reactions. To coordinate this body takes some cues. We move from one box to another AC box. Air is conditioned. No exposure to sun or earth. How does your body know you are living?
There is an internal environment in our body. Blood. All the cells are bathed continuously in it. Blood got 90% of water, RBC, WBC and platelets to clot if needed.  Then we have enzymes and so on. This internal environment depends on our external environment. Forest living with exposure to nature (see movie Captain Fantastic), think about the internal environment.
Whatever is the demand, your body responds in a certain way. What do you think the heart rate of an athlete is? High or low? Below the normal. When she works out, body wants to work efficiently say with each single beat. Heart is able to pump the blood in an athlete with effortless beat. Heart finds it difficult to pump if the person is lazy. Body adapts your lifestyle. We create our own life.
To be healthy, we need to meditate. How many of you exercise or do physical exercise? How many of you eat? What if you make a single change in your diet? We are not going to stop eating no matter what. This body is made of the food we eat. Food helps healing and immunity. I am what I eat. Look at our country. We don’t know how to eat. We think health insurance prevents a disease. It is to cure. No preventive medicine in India. Awareness is increasing. Preventive medicine is very specific.
How does disease enter into the body? How many of you can tell you can never get diabetes? We can say that about smallpox as it got vaccine.
We should know what causes a disease?
We can answer when we know what is the cause of the disease. Say diabetes.
What is the cause of diabetes?
Answer in text book is we don’t know. As doctors we can’t say we don’t know. We say idiopathic. It means still under experimentation. Similarly, arthritis and hypertension and cancer. We know how to probably cure but we don’t know the cause. Without knowing the cause, we mandate the patients to take cholesterol-lowering drugs.
23 pairs of chromosomes are there. Genes are a functioning unit of chromosomes. I get them from my parents. Three generations back, 16 people around the world come together to make me a possibility. One of the 16 could be a thief, the other is a singer and so on. All their genes are in you. Your genes are heuristic and dynamic. Don’t blame them. Genes are dynamic and whatever you acquired is encoded. Genes can be dynamic. What does conditioning genes mean to us?
 Whatever you want to become, genes are there within you. You should know how to activate them? Using what? With your behavior shaped by external environment. Through blood and molecules and cells, genes are activated. Based on our lifestyle, we are activating our genes that can cause say hypertension. Capability is there to make what we want to make. Our behavior is the key.
What you eat is your lifestyle. We want to look cool. That is why we eat pizza and even apple. Why we eat apple? We are brainwashed with an apple a day. it was done in a poetic sense as westerners have talked about apple. Why no banana a day? Nature around is extraordinarily intelligent just like our human body. If you are living In a desert, you carry your own food. It should not spoil. Dates are there in desert for that environment. Coconuts are for coastal world as there is lot of humidity and dehydration there. Don’t buy fruits in supermarket as they are in a mortuary. You put it in ice because you don’t want the food to decompose. Healthiest food is the cheapest. People from NZ eat kiwis there. Let people in Italy have olive oil. Cheapest fruit is banana. Why people don’t prefer to eat banana? What’s wrong with carbs in bananas. Why is there so much bad mouthing on banana? It is overrated. Why banana is made to look bad? Try to eat 6 bananas every day. The way we eat banana is wrong. We eat banana after all that heavy lunch.
100 grams of banana gives 90 calories. We eat after peeling it and it makes 45 calories. Anything we eat but don’t burn gets converted to fat. If someone offers banana we say I am watching weight. We take aloo samosa which is 350 calories and it goes well with open happiness coke! It got more to do with what we eat.
Eat six bananas every day. After few months, all the cells of your body will have staff meeting. They realise we are in jungle.
Nutrients entering body are in communication with your cell. Suddenly if we give healthy nutrients to cells, cells are happy. When these nutrients are not available, burning of the food is not available.
Burning of the food gives energy. There are so many chemicals involved to make this reaction happen. Impaired electron is free radical. Because certain vitamins are in short supply, burning of calories is incomplete and they release harmful radicals. When we laugh body thinks we are actually happy. Body has no concept of time. Think right now about  what is important. Body behaves based on what you think. Biochemistry matches your thought.
Live experiment to learn biochemistry matches the thought
Close your eyes and imagine the ripe lemon cut and mixed with salt. You got saliva. Thought talked to you and produced saliva. Body responds to every day suggestion. I can’t run gaaru, I am more like an intellectual man, thadaastu. Sum total of your thoughts is how you are feeling right now. Pumped up means positive thought. Internal environment depends on our everyday choice, the food we choose and how happy we are.
This gives us a chance that all the illness that people experience is nothing but an illusion. We are run by our belief system. Indians are prone to diabetes is what the newspaper says. We try to believe. Designing comes from the inefficiency you see in the system. We want to do things like entrepreneurs. If we are content, no entrepreneurship. Health is like that. We are here to change. We don’t know the complete story. Why should we condemn someone and their health? Count body, mind and soul. Offer education.
Food quality + Exercise + Mind Status (happy, sad..) is totality.
Tips: Use brain, call it mind.
Our plate
1) Grains
2) Fruits
3) Vegetables
4) Milk
5) Proteins
Roti is for North Indians staying in north India. Rice is good for South Indians. Don’t have a heap of rice in your plate. Unpolished or single polished is good. We cut the vegetables, cut them and deep fry. Don’t eat like that. Milk, buttermilk and curd aren’t fattening. Milk is complete food. Baby doesn’t need water till baby reaches 2 years. Milk takes care of it all as long as the mother is healthy.
Protein: Dal, pulses and nuts. There is no cholesterol in nuts. Frying cashew in oil is the problem. Nuts are powerhouse of vitamins and micronutrients. Yellow of egg is most nutrient.
Who said cholesterol is THE reason for heart attack?
It isn’t it. Cholesterol is made by liver. When we eat egg yellow, brain says boss is having something fishy. Don’t produce cholesterol today.
Micronutrients provide immunity. Milk and protein are responsible for growth and healing. Boost up your immunity. Fruits and vegetables. Fruits are not our regular diet.
Eat banana everyday for few months and you lose taste for junk. Good for us and it is disruption.
Eat one third of the plate as raw vegetables. This is our protection and firewall. Every day you are driving without helmet protection three times. Don’t eat bowl full of salad as body is not used to eat that much.
Eat 2-3 slices because you don’t stop eating junk food overnight. Dal 70% and add 30% rice.
Sequence to eat
Eat banana first. Then salad. Then micro vitamins are taken care. Then take curd. Because it is a milk product and it has proteins that are needed to repair the body. Then you eat dal. Finally roti or rice with subji.
Deciding is different from doing it. You are one in 7 billion. You are a designer piece. Unique as you are. Realise your worth. Why do you need someone else’s life plan? Don’t compare. Be yourself and authentic. Don’t be second hand. Worth depends on how you value yourself.

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