Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on Q&A by Travis Kalanick, founder and CEO of Uber @ T-HUB on 13th Dec 2016
Travis Kalanick of Uber:
Jay Krishnan: Travis spent time coding on Varkala beach in 2008. He was also ranked number 2 tennis player. 
Q) Ruddbuddy: P2P market place. Org travel sector is small. How do you get people onto your platform?
Travis: Always be hustling. Get out there and talk to your customers. Start jugaading.
Q) Learnmore: Uber for private tutoring. How do you strike balance between supply and demand?
Travis) My guest company was a school and I was a tutor before. On demand tutoring put my old business out of business. I always start with demand. MJe sure you gave customers who seek and also make sure you have tutors. Be obsessed with customers. Empower the tutors to provide wonderful service. Find your demand first and work your way back.
Q) Chitmonks: 22-45 age to register a chit. First mover. What do you do an industry with long sales funnel?
Travis) Charge a lot of money. Before Uber, my enterprise service company had long funnel. Importance of how to tell a story is important if you are an engineer. Lot if people in your company have to do this. I am an engineer by training. In that company I learnt how to sell. Engineers think sales men with negative thinking. Be creative and imaginative.
Q) Precautions to take to keep the combative edge?
Travis) Kniw your customer and what they love about you. Your edge is you know how to innovate. Their DNA is to follow you. Use your own DNA. If competitor did this feature, would I be anxious. Answer yes means starts doing it.
Q) Cupidcare: Telemedicine app for sexual discrete care. Hoe do you convince people to open up?
Travis) In social entrepreneurship, you need empathy. Being an entrepreneur, it is hard and you have to be ok. Her. You get investment, you have to find way to turn to profit. In social entrepreneurship, you are not allowed investment. Double impact and hardship. Be non judgmental. Be open and very welcoming. No -judgmental means folks open up freely. It makes you open up before they open.
Q) 2500 employers on our platform. How do I reach out to big guys like you?
Travis) You won it. We will be your customer. Shortest sales cycle.
Q) Arun from Syncrooms. Real-time hotel room inventory platform. Biggest challenge?
Travis) Looking for entrepreneurial mindset. Creativity, imagination and analytical mindset.
I am excited to be here. Hyderabad has been a wonderful city for Uber and it embraces innovation. We see regulatory obstacle in cities around the world and it is important for us to celebrate cities that make us move forward.


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