Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on IFDI 2 Conclusion Ceremony at T-HUB on 20th June 2017.
Shanta: PM’s dream is to make India digital India. IFDI in partnership with DST, MeitY, MyGov, THUB and Intel.
Shortlisted 10 startups got 3 lakh funding for prototyping. We put them through an 8 week accelerator program through enablers including Intel. Raghavendra helped them with market access. On the demo day, we announced 3 winners. We took them to market and the valley (US market access centre) for a week in April. They met the industry enablers and got their products validated. We will announce the winner of the thre today.
Jay: Thanks to all the IFDI partners for IFDI. I spent time on IFDI website. I found the quote there “The battle for innovating design in India starts today” interesting.
Charlie Kline of Arpanet in 1969 tried to communicate with Stanford Research Lab using copper wire. Very first piece of information transmission is LO. It gave birth to internet. He kept it open for people. Bob Kahn build TCP and he kept it open too.  Vint Cerf, Father of internet, came and build TCP/IP in 1970s that we stop use. It helps interoperability, security and encryption. Tim came in 1990s and came up with HTTP, URL and HTML. All of them chose to keep their innovation open. If they kept them private, I don’t think internet would have happened.
Birth of science to evolution of technology. Partners like Intel work as distributors of Startup IP. Journey of Startups is not a T20 but a rest match at Lords. We appreciate and congratulate all the 10 Startups.
An exciting last few months. We talked about everything that is happening around in technology and I was pleased with his ability to be update with the latest technologies, I thank all the partners that make this a reality. Technology is a great leveler. Visit Intel museum in Santa Clara. Massive microprocessors to miniaturized ones. Great journey of pushing the tech boundaries of innovation. I will pay an arm and leg to be born in the shoes of the founders of these Startups. You are in great time.
Intel’s virtuous cycle of growth: We are now a data company. Making the experiences possible with technology and intelligence with data is our journey is all about. I was in conversation with minister of IT wherw they put together a bunch of CEOs to make our tech economy a trillion dollars.
Intel’s Robert Noyce used to say “Don’t be encumbered by history. Go do something wonderful.”
Dr. Mittal @DST: 
Our partnership with Intel is 13 year old. I had a proposal from Intel and as government servants  we were wary of the private sector. We were concerned about Intel stealing the local ideas. Then MD laughed and said “anything less than a million is not worthwhile and for your comfort we won’t touch anything below 500 billion”. We never looked back since then.
There are instances we get sudden call to send three Startups to say Barcelona. I call Intel and ask them to help these three Startups and they became winners incidentally.
We had participants from India with three times out of 5 years at UCLA competitions. 6 minor planets are named after kids!
Story of DS Mann, an young Sardarji:
One of the incubatees in Noida in RFID space. He went to the builder and 20000 units facility where 10-15 cars are getting stolen each month.
He did homework. Fixed RFID tags on the car. He charged Rs.500 per month times 20000 cars. 12 crore annual revenues. They have 6 resident welfare associations. The losing team made only 3000 register RFID. Those who don’t have the RFID yell at the security. Mann decided to employ deaf and dumb people. The deaf and dumb fellows just hold the hands.
Mann threw a bug party his deaf and dumb employees on 31st Jan 2008. This came in news. In a month, 18000 registered!
Nov  he got the demographic details of all 18000. As I drive, I get a notification that my insurance is about to expire. I was provided with a list of insurance vendors on display. Then he will announce a holiday package for our family. Now the ads pay for our tags. No monthly fee.
Mann became the biggest employer of dead and dumb people. He moved on. He captures the best part of the ad boards where Visibility is maximum. He moved from ad spots to condition of bus stops. He gives the feedback of these roads and bus stops to the UK goverment.
Last Raye we launched a program called NIDHI (national institution for developing innovation). We got 110 tech incubators in India that you can make use of. For me each one of the 10 is a winner.

Anand from Jayalakshmi agrotech: 25 mobile apps in different languages for farmers on Intel architecture.
Harpreet from INICU focusing on preventing premature child deaths. Today we are across corporate and small hospitals to understand the needs of tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Tier 2 cities need more assistive systems. Out focus is now reduce human errors.
Chinmay from Allizhealth: We have been in Preventive and lifestyle diseases for 3.5 years. We look at women Health, mental health and geriatric health. We built world’s first wearable for geriatrics. We got suitors for this device even outside in India.
Raj from BanyonNation: We are recycling Startups. We do all the kinds of recycling including auto and luxury space. IFDI helped us build an IOT platform to not only get the birds eye view of a city but also get city to onboard various departments to track attendance and more than waste tracking. We are into smart city mission between clean India and Swach Bharat.
Why did you choose this idea and name?
Banyan was Mani’s brainchild. We wanted to use technology from the valley to help India. Mani saw the filth across the country and he wanted to fix it. We started late in 2012 and we felt waste was a great problem we could work and solve.
Chinmay: My partner is veteran in technology and I have been in Healthcare forever. We both are siblings. Something happened in the family was the Genesis. We picked it from 3 idiots.
Harpreet: I am doctorate. Wife is a gold medalist. Returned to India for old parents. My father used to ask why did you do PhD in Biomedical Engineering and you bacame a consulting. When we had twins both were pre-matured. That is when we put 20% of work time that Mcinzee gave and last couple of years I turned full time. I met few advisors in USA trip.
INICU is given by our first customer. We are committed to reduce mortality. Money and advisory have come in.
Anand: Born in rural family. Went to IIM and then got into an American company and returned in a decade. Monsoon is not in our control. Pre and post are in our control. Conservation is the key.
What is the value IFDI offered?
Anand: Mentoring, guidance and support. Access. Now IFDI is a brand by itself. Customer likes it.
Harpreet: When I came to collect IBM Smart camp award, I learnt about the program with last day to submit. We made the journey 20 to top 10 to top 3. Thub helped me with network. Our lead investor BV Mohan Reddy I met here.
Chinmay: Amazing to meet peer Startups. Key take away is humbling journey. Be aware of where we stand. Keep learning.
Raj: Mani and I have the feeling to fundamentally transform waste management in India. We didn’t have any data when we started. We have been reluctant to bring it out of the closet and Jay and Srini pushed us to apply. If we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t have realized the potential and opportuny.
One takeaway?
Raj: Boot camp, out of box thinking, conversations with tata sons, goverment agencies. And all a wholesome work. Flesh out, build and validate! Potentially what could be done better is more sort of market access.
Chinmay: Agnostic of the stage where the Startup is. A heterogeneous population of Startups. Wonderful. I have been part of other accelerator programs. I can discuss offline improvisations.
I ask you to take a chance and apply.
Harpreet: I got almitrd view initially but when we landed in the valley, we could get the self beliefs that this is not just a local problem. Getting UCSF and Stanford hospitals as validation was eureka.
Word of advice is “tier city understanding is differenThank. Accelerator is good but in the field work is more. We need learning experience from people from ahead of us.
Anand: I am a tech illiterate. We got a problem statement and people with Internet access. We gave birth to Agripol, it was born as a commodity for the problem statement. Have a clean problem statement and technology out there will help.
Jayesh Ranjan: Happy to see the problem statements of the applicants. Amazing journey of the shortlisted Startups. Within the government we had lots of skepticism on technology but then we realize how techno y has become an enabler. Digital India got ambitious goals and infrastructure provision envisaged in is mind boggling. In Telangana we have gone further by providing fiber connectivity to every household. We also are coming up with digital kiosks too. Today world’s wifi day under which we provided 300 wifi Hotspots in Hyderabad.
We know Hotspot in village doesn’t translate to purchase of digital machines. Uptake on ground remains hypothetical. In Telangana we believe in delivering tech enabled infra to make the day to day differenxe in their lives. Technology creates social impact.
Coffee table book 
And the winners of IFDI 2016-17 is Banyan Nation. 
We have already got waste flows of Warangal online. Thanks to Telangana and Jayesh.
Collection, transportation and landfill is what we built solutions around. We pick 3 lakhs cash prize and selected 15 students From NIT Warangal transformed the dirty MVP to ready to market product.
Thank you note by Srini summed it all.

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