Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Tango of AI and BI” by Andrew Walter, former CIO of P&G at NASSCOM AI Summit Hyderabad dated 23rd June 2017
Andrew Walter, former CIO of P&G
We focused on the following magnificent 7 areas at Proctor and Gamble and subjected them through digital and analytics transformion.
Magnificent Seven at P & G
-Global Brands
-Supply chain
-Trade retail
-Omni channels
We went after the organizations that were willing to work with us. Analysts gave me the data.
Focus on execution
What’s happening and why is it happening and how we change that through focused actions. We created a model that we shared with every leader.
We even created a physical environment and called it Businesssphere. We showed Walmart analytics on their own data, not just our data. 50 plus sites around world could connect with each other.
We went from 2010 to 2016 in the business intelligence and analytics path. Meanwhile AI happened.
Industry 4.0
Data and analytics are at the center of the digital transformion, rightfully so.
If you start from the technology and look for the problem, you will fail. Go after the business problem and use analytics. Focus on business problem down and not technology up.
-Where to place?
-How you are going win?
-Capability you need?
-Do measure.
I recommend you to read this one great book on strategy: Playing to win 
Don’t call it Artificial intelligence, call it Augmented Intelligence. 
Here are three companies that are doing great.
Signals Analytics 
Big problems in CNG is new product launch and Signal just did that.
How do I stay in touch with my business?
Cuddle helped. They built intelligent BI.
Virtualitics: VR and advanced ML together!
Analytics Transformation
Analytics transformation is all about the leadership within, and within your clients.
Culture comes down to behavior of the leaders  and what they accept. The worst the business results are, the bigger the PowerPoint deck gets.
Line business leaders are the key. We invest focus  on them. Total Deliver Cost (TDC) problem. We never let them to delegate. We worked like a team together. Analytics team need to create the safe environment for the senior business leaders. Then they don’t punch holes in analytics. They work along.
Work with humble and confident leaders, not arrogant and insecure ones. The arrogant and insecure ones will tag along once the confident ones started to show results through analytics.
We divested complex businesses using data  governance.
Tools used: Tibco Spotfire to Rapidminer

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