Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on Social Impact Meetup at T-HUB on 28th June 2017
Juliane Froemmter, Director, T-Hub
I am into international relations at T-HUB. Social impact is the prime reason I am here in India. This is my area of interest. Objective is to hand the social Meetup into your hands to self drive it even if I am away for work.
Jay Krishnan, CEO @T-Hub
At T-HUB we work on KPIs. Gathering like this shall have no agenda, rightfully so. I am also a personal believer that any social problem can be solved to a large degree using technology.
The Startup I sold in 2007 was into social impact.
Check up on “Hastings health of nations”. Kerala stood out on the map and is on par with Norway.
WNC hospitals have obstetricians,  gynecologists, pediatricians pan India. There are 12-20 patients (pregnant mothers) per doctor hour in Kerala. There are 450 pregnant mothers per hour per doctor in Uttar Pradesh. We came up with a technology that we put together in a tiny sticker that can be mounted anywhere.
We piggy backed on insurance card RSB Yojana and put our sticker there. We partnered with cellphone providers to sponsor us. Nuance licensed us the transcribing technology.
Diagnosis is transcribed and then it goes to pharmacy and then it talks to the bar code. This stopped pilfery of those free drugs.
Diagnosis to prescription drugs to delivery the drugs is all tracked digitally. We developed this just inside a month. The run rate of patients to doctors significantly dropped. This social impact project turned out to be 10 crores a month.
Raj Janagam
Tryst with sustainability.
I am into Sustainable development growth (SDG). I do business coaching. I am good in fund raising.
Litmus test for being called social entrepreneurs
Not every Startup van be called impact startup. If a decision affects either your profit or several people with an impact, which one do you choose?
Theory of change: If you are helping someone to figure out their personality or himself, it is just an output and not impact. Building toilets for swachch Bharat is still not impact. People using those toilets is the outcome of this output. This outcome is what we call a real impact. Impact can only be measured after few years.
Please give your Introduction with what you seek and what you offer.
Subham, Ravi and Arvind help social entrepreneurs scale. We are from Surge Impact Foundation.
Mujeeb: I run boot camp on discovering the leaders inside esp for entrepreneurs.
Akhil: I am into product design.
Nikhil: I would like to solve traffic problems. I will be joining IIT Mumbai next month.
Pavan: Food wastage management. I can help you with Android apps.
Sandhya: I am in India for social research and would interview social entrepreneurs. I graduated from Wharton last year.
Ragini Pillai: I am fron Villagro. We do seed funding for social Startups. I would like to interact with social enterprises. We have pan India presence and we can help you with outreach and networking.
Vitor: I am from Portugal. I am into Wireless Energy Transfer and BMC.
Srikar: I am from Khyeti. We are into farms and farming and formers. If you are into agri apace, I can tell you what not to do.
Mujab: If you want to help a farmer in financial distress, send the money from my app. I will get  the farmer to open a bank account and get him ready to receive funds.
Ravi: I am from WearableDX. I am into branding. I believe all entrepreneurs are social.
Roshan Miranda of Toter: Online scrap dealer. I am here to ask you to give your waste to me and connect scrap dealers with me. If you are an investor, we are here. We are looking for backend developers. I can offer our failure stories.
Sandhya: I head the community for T-HUB. I am here to learn this space.
Kashyap: I ran a CSR blog. I run frendzzy, student centric platform. We provide workshop providers. We connecct college space to other knowledge enablers.
Neha: I work at US Consul. We manage three states. We work in the area of gender related issues and others. We want to understand where we use our resources best. We can make lots of connections. I am from public affairs section.
International visitor leadership program is an exchange program. I can nominate you for that program. We invite American experts from diffeent areas.
India: I was chef in London. Decided to come to India to solve waste problems. I am here to improve habits of people when it comes to waste management.
Chandra: I have no agenda. Happy to share my experiences.
Krishna Kumar: I am from egovernance foundation focused on social problems. We are participants in social city projects. Nandan Neelekani founded this. All open source. Our platform runs cities. (Municipal tasks). I run a city on entire dash board.
Avishma: I am from PWC. We are for open innovation. We give mentorship and client access.
Jagruti Yatra: 15 day train journey from Mumbai to Madurai to Visakhapatnam to Mumbai. We visit impact companies in each city. We study their business model. We do group discussions and business models on train. Goonj in Delhi bridges gap between rural and urban worlds.
Oluva: Vista digital networking. We expose basics  like MS Office to kids. We want to partner with medium companies for solar electric systems to end power problems in Africa.
Sidhath: Story writer.  Help students. Get students as interns for Startups.
Hemanth: Intern at T-HUB.
Raviteja: Loopreality. Fitness and physio therapy. Experience in climate change policies. Failed Asa green entrepreneur. If or with UN under women empowerment. I csn connect you with UN, WB or common wealth.
Jasdeep: THUB intern.


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