Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Body Rhythm” by Dr. Suhas at INK-THUB Road to GES on 27th Nov 2017
Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar
25 years ago I left to west to teach them Ayurvedic.
Personal health and well being is most important. Many spend their health to gain wealth early in life and then they want to trade the wealth for health but it gets too late. Too busy means you get tired. Too idle means you become over lethargic. Maintain a good balance. Be proud of our own heritage. I am into this new-age medicine that applies age old wisdom for our every day living!
Lifestyle Medicine
Health is the very basis of everything we want to achieve in this world. Yoga with Ayurveda is the cure for lifestyle diseases, 70% of all. Non-communicable diseases happen because of non-communication to yourself. The growing disconnect between your body and the world is the cause. Slow down and enjoy the life and understand the purpose of human life.
If you follow the rule of diet, then there is no need of medicine. If you don’t follow it, then there is no use of medicine. “Change your schedule. Change your life” is my new book. “Cash-rich but time-poor behavior” will disrupt your circadian rhythm.
Cultivating an awareness is key to reinvent and transform your body. How do I undo?
Case of an American client 
Chronic fatigue and sinus conjunction and are symptoms of this American who walked in to my clinic. I checked his daily schedule that consists of heavy breakfast before he gets to work and then no lunch during work, and is back to eat nice dinner with meat, prepared by his wife, wine and deserts.
I advised him to lighten up breakfast and have a decent meal in the middle of the day and just a bowl of soup for dinner. Then he said his wife would kill him. I said in lighter vein, “she is killing you anyway.” He returned after a month and said “All the symptoms have gone. All the doctors that I met before never bothered to ask what I was eating when I was eating. Glad to have met you.”
Sleep, slip and slump
Eat late to gain some weight and sleep late to gain more weight. 60% of the people do both. Sleep, slip and slump is a poor lifestyle. You can’t outsource this to anyone. It is our full time job. What we do and how we do is the key. 
Case of an Indian client
Indian software engineer came to my clinic with hyper acidity. He came because his father advised me to meet him. His routine includes waking up early, walking his daughter to school, working out at lunch with protein shake, sitting with daughter in the evening and having typical south Indian dinner. Indians are the only vegetarians who don’t eat any vegetables. Then at 9pm, he works with team India with coffee and sleeps late. Makes conference call again in the morning. I told him to clean this up.
He could streamline these bad habits and his symptoms got off.
Not what you eat is important but when you eat is very important.
5 Takeaways
1) Take right food at the right time: Lighter breakfast, good lunch and lighter dinner. Just follow the sun. Do fasting for 13 hours. You stay light and bright the next day. 
2) Workout daily in the morning. It is a nice mechanism of metabolic reset.
3) Sleep is a miracle drug. Use power naps as needed.
4) There is jet lag and then there is social jet lag. Losing weekends for social gatherings by cutting into your sleep is not good. It is called social jet lag. Lead your life holistically.
5) Be mindful to reinvent physiological process. Health is the by-product of your active lifestyle.

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