Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi on Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kendra in Hyderabad on 23rd March 2018
Welcome the artists.
-Dr. Seshulatha
-Devulapalli Sireesha
-Saroja Krishnan
-Srinivas Mridangam
-Hari Violin
Chairman GopalaKrishnan
Happy morning for all of us to be together. It happens rarely perhaps once in an year. I welcome all of you on behalf of BVR Kendra and on my personal behalf.
Why do we do this Thyagaraja Aradhana like a ritual once an year?
Kulapati Munshiji stressed again and again that prayer alone or prayer in congregation is very important. We are coming together here to sing together. This is prayer in congregation. These Pancharatna Kritis is like a prayer.
These are five gana raagas that have opportunity for improvisations. We are having Dr. Seshulatha with us. Prachodan’s mom Saroja is here. We also have madam Saroja Krishna, a distinguished retired teacher with us today. We are happy to see her.
Though we are having this in Hyderabad auditorium Kendra, our contribution is zero. All the four BVB schools have done great work. They have identified students who need to be part of this. Thanks to Principal madam Ramadevi of BVB public school for taking care of this program. There is one more madam Krishnaveni that I must commend. She identified the singers, the one on dias and  people in the audience. She has been in touch with all the four schools. I felicitate an outstanding teacher in Sasthri ji.
Every song is a prayer. First one Jagadananda karaka is where Thyagaraja prayed Lord Rama as the bestower of happiness. In the second song Duduku gala Thyagaraja keeps on mentioning the mistakes made by him. Third one Sadhinchene where Lord Krishna gets mentioned. Fourth one Kanagala ruchiraa is in varaali raaga that is rare. Final one Endaro mahaanubhaavulu is where he listed all the luminaries who have contributed to the glory of the society.
Each kriti is a prayer. Every Kriti lists out something like what we say and what we think about during our daily prayer.
Dr. Seshulatha:
Happy to meet all of you from a great institution called BVB. We must appreciate tamilians for their interest in carnatic music. Telugu language nicely fits in carnatic music. Many telugus stay away from carnatic music. Parents must put a seed in the minds of children. Magic increases understanding for people and children. Music increases concentration power. Music is divine. Lord himself is nadaswarupa and hence music is divine. I have designed music appreciation as a course.
Prayer song
Sourashtra raaga “Sreeganapatini”
All these raagaas are written by Ghana raagaas.
Dr. Seshulatha
Kriti 1) Jagadananda kaaraka
This Kriti praises Lord Rama with 108 names without the mention of name Rama. Mahamahopadyaya Nookala Satyanarayana mentioned that after the first Kriti Thyagaraja didn’t get the darshan sakshatkar of Lord Rama. With all the Sanskrit samaasas, Thyagaraja made this Kriti very well. 
Kriti 2) Duduku gala 
Since Rama didn’t give Darshan, Thyagaraja says in this Kriti that there is something he  did wrong. Scolding himself, Thyagaraja for his shortcomings, he justified why Lord Rama didn’t give him Darshan.
Kriti 3) Sadhinchine
Thyagaraja says in this Kriti, “Blessed to be born as a human. I must utilize this opportunity to be the best.” Even after putting himself lowly, he didn’t get the darshan. Then Thyagaraja swami talked about Krishna and then comes back To Lord Rama. In this Kriti, Lord Rama gives darshan and said “Vetha galigite talukomanine”. Be patient when things don’t happen. For these vethas, taaluko. Be patient with these tensions.
This is the Kriti of Rama Sakshatkara. Listen daily.
Kriti 4) Kanagala ruchiraa
After the darsan of Lord Rama, Thyagaraja described Lord Rama how he is when he is in the lap of father Dasaradha, when he is given to Janaka at marriage and other  occasions. This Kriti is not supposed to be taught by the guru to his student. Varaali raaga won’t be easily taught to all. In those days, probably the gurus didn’t probably like to go through the pains of teaching the students those complex raaga. This is how funnily one guru said and it might be true.
After aahiri raaga, one shall do one mangalakara raaga so you get good bhojan that day.
Kriti 5) Endaro mahaanubhaavulu
Only lord Siva knows the power of name Rama. In 4th Kriti comes the word Bhayaapahaara. When we get fear, say Rama. Fear will be driven away.
For each raaga, we are inviting the respective goddess of the raaga. Kids shall pray to the goddess of that raaga. Think of Goddess Sarasaathi and pray to her before singing.
Thyagaraja Swamiji gives a list of people that he knows. He also adds the ones he doesn’t know.
Utsava Sampradaya keertana
Kriti is full pledged raaga and keertana is a simpler one. Utsava Sampradaya keertanas are linked with certain events such as waking up the God and more. Let us conclude with a keertana.
Ramalakahmana janaki jai bolo hanuman ki 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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