Attribute it to analytics, machine learning or even artifical intelligence. There is a paradigm shift in the way today’s digitized businesses are making better decisions for tomorrow. This is just a beginning. Demand for qualified Analytics professionals is on rapid rise. ISB’s Business Analytics (CBA) program moulds experienced working professionals to catch up with that demand.

Today, 82 outgoing students of CBA make the alumni count almost reach the magic number of 1000 (983 to be precise). Congratulations to the summer 2019 batch of CBA graduates.

Graduation day is very special. Not only because it is the day all hard work has to come to an end and fruits of hard work start to work, but also it is the day graduates wear the same costume of black gown and black cap all across. Even chief guest and the presiding faculty are in gowns. Learning has no discrimination either by gender, age or position and gowns are symbolic for the same.

Sakar Anand, HR, BNY Melon

I congratulate the families first. I congratulate the graduates of CBA for living upto the faith of their families. I congratulate you today for making yourself uncomfortable and pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone during this program.

Even my field HR has been touched by AI. The emerging technologies make bandwidth for us so we get to do better things. They help us make informed decisions otherwise we couldn’t. It helps us interact with human capital more impactfully.

Robots will never take our jobs as Artificial intelligence can never take away cognitive intelligence.

Chief Guest, Ms. Catherine Hadda, US Consular General Hyderabad

Change is the only constant and it is true for today’s technology. Though there is huge variation in these technologies, demand for Analytics professionals is on constant rise. By 2022, 85% of the companies worldwide are likely to adapt the analytics services. Analytics jobs in India grow at 76% monthly! Tech sectors are constantly changing. Today’s roles were never thought about yesterday and they become redundant tomorrow.

We, including myself, need to reskill ourselves. In our own consulate, we have annual surveys to measure employee satisfaction. CBA program allows you to minimize work disruptions. I want to congratulate you on your graduation.

A proud graduate of CBA

Prof. Ramabhadran Thirumalai

I return the graduates to the families and they can no longer take an excuse of CBA for taking care of house chores and attending important family events 🙂

Scholar of excellence is awarded to first-ranked and second-ranked students.

Capstone winners

A self-sponsored project 1:10:10000 about unemployment has won the capstone project represented by Vikram Devatha and team. “Vehicle damage detection using deep learning” represented by Ankita Sharma and team also won capstone best project award.

I remind you of an apt quote from a Hollywood movie: “You have chosen wisely.”

Rajiv Saha has given the vote of thanks to everyone who is part and parcel of the program either directly or indirectly.

The event was concluded with the famous hat tossing ceremony.

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