It was my first time at Airbnb. Host, Katie Moodie, is tagged as superhost by Airbnb for a reason. True to the spirit of Airbnb, she lets the guests share her house with warmth and willingness. The house is squeaky clean, rooms are very good and the kitchen is very well organised.

I met fellow guests Charles, Michelle and Lila at Katie’s place. We come from different backgrounds and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations in the hallways about our different walks of life. My gratitude is to Katie for making the home well designed and organized in such a way that the dwellers are very comfortable interacting with each other. It is home away from home.

I wondered about Katie’s background. My interaction revealed that she is indeed a super-entreprenuer with three businesses, all while raising her school going son. Where does Katie find her time to juggle? How could she make this possible? For all that super host status, Airbnb is not even her prime business. Let us go deep dive.

A graduate of UCSD, Katie made San Diego her home 21 years ago. When she started Kb Pure Essentials in 2013, it was wild wild west for her and her cofounder Brooke. It all started with Brooke’s condition of epilepsy and how the hemp CBD oil helped ease her condition. They wanted to take the pain relieving benefits of CBD to the market and relieve the patients of chronic pains due to arthritis and beyond.

Hemp based CBP oil is legal in California and many other states. However, there have been challenges right from the day one for Katie and Brooke. They are in a highly regulated market. Typical digital media strategy with Facebook, Instagram and googles of the world won’t work in their case. Even payment processors shy away to approve businesses that make and sell CBD based products.

CBD is popular and well known for it’s benefits, there are consumers out there wanting to purchase CBD products from reliable makers and sellers. The product market fit is very clear. It is just that the local government regulations are in a flux despite CBD being absolutely legal. Katie and team have a manufacturing plant where they make CBP based products with utmost care and super precise quantities. While acquiring new customers has been challenging, their business has been growing organically with lots of up selling, repeat customers and their subscriptions.

When a consumer who found a solution for her painpoint through a product starts a new business with the same product line, that business has better success rate for the credibility of it’s founders. There are regulatory hurdles that fog the bright sun opportunities CBD oil brings to the table. Katie is not the one to let her business blurred by it, she is out there solving her customers problems one at a time.

While Airbnb is her plan B for making a comfortable living through customer delight, her plan A has always been and will be to scale up her CBD small business. Katie is literally in the business of relieving customer pain, through her lab tested, precisely manufactured authentic products. That is her mojo and she finds happiness in it.

Katie finds her peace and occasional me-time at the beautiful San Diago beach that keeps her going!

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