Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of TiE Hyderabad on the launch of TGS 2022 on 12th December at Novotel Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a vibrant place and one of the fastest growing cities of the world. While Bangalore has gathered all the might, momentum and early mover advantage, Hyderabad as a latecomer has turned the tide around and built dozens of entrepreneurial ecosystems. TiE Hyderabad has direct and indirect impact on all these ecosystems by being the first ever entrepreneurial ecosystem of Hyderabad back in 90s. I am proud to be associated with TiE for more than a decade as a charter member.

Suresh Raju, President of TiE Hyderabad : Summit means to be hoisted as it is just there. Our CMs are there. One can not summit alone and TiE is a group of motivated successful entrepreneur members who provide that support to young entrepreneurs to hoist their own summit.

Murali Bukkapatnam, Vice Chairman of TiE: 60 chapters and 19 countries of TiE have come together under the dynamic leadership of KTR to celebrate paying forward at TiE Global Summit 2022. We have members from 48 chapters here. You are going to meet the thought leaders next 2.5 days. We made a 4000 sft space where at any point 100 charter members can convene. Why do we become entrepreneurs? Leaving a footprint behind to seek immortality. Putra means the one who releases the parent from the hell and hence paves the way for the immortality. In today’s world, an entrepreneur is the one who wants to leave a footprint to that immortality.

Praveen Tailam, Chairman TiE Global: TiE SV is my home chapter. TiE’s premise is to create value for entrepreneurship. 57 chapters and 14 countries after, KPMG did a study in TiE. One organisation has created a trillion dollar community is what they concluded. We impacted 25000 startups and we want to impact a ten million startups as of 2047.

A video in Telangana: Youngest state, fastest growing economy at 11% CAGR, doubled per capita in last 8 years. Telangana is the place to invest.

K T Ramarao

Welcome Shantanu back to Hyderabad. He makes us proud. Thanks to Murali and Suresh for their perseverance in making TGS happen here. With his fantastic talk, now I seek Murali to write the speeches for me. Youngest state of India doubled the per capita in 8 years. Our GDP raised by 139%. IT expects by 250%.

Telangana is 11th largest state by area, we are the fourth largest GDP contributor to India. We are only 2.5% of India’s population and we do 5% contribution to India’s GSP. Telangana is the most successful Startup state. On me third of human vaccines across the globe are made in Telangana. We will reach 50% soon all from one single city. We have who is who of the technology world all with their second largest campuses here in Hyderabad. I am pitching to Shantanu to make Hyderabad has second largest campus. Unlike in Hyderabad, It is not a breeze there for you to move from one place to another in Bangalore. I seek Vani Kola also to move to Hyderabad. Innovation is a critical means by which communities can create competitive advantage and sustain growth. My friend called entrepreneurship as enchantress. His wife is listening!

TiE has been a brilliant success story since it’s inception 32 years ago. My complements to the entire TiE. TiE played an active role in Telangana innovation ecosystem. They do best in class advisory service. We are a startup star and we work with that mindset and we are very agile in building innovation ecosystems. We are Startup state and have more than 8 innovation ecosystems to give the young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. THub has been a brilliant journey during the last five years and the first private rocket that got launched recently is from a THub incubated startup called Skyroot. Dhruva space is another one that has launched three nano satellites recently. This is again a THub company. It is an honour to host TGS 2022. As per Startup Genome report Telangana is among top 19 global places for talent.

Adobe video: It started as an idea and then it became a revolution. Adobe is something for everyone in the planet, collaborating everywhere.

Shantanu Narayen

I am privileged to be back in my home town and some call me “mana vaadu”. Nothing gives me pleasure to Barack to the home town. TiE is embodiment of individuals who pay forward to the ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

When you have brilliant idea you have access to talent and funding here in Hyderabad. The forward looking government has done a phenomenal job in creating a vibrant Hyderabad with THub being the epicentre of entrepreneurship for Hyderabad.

There never been a better time for entrepreneurs now. Don’t take the status wii as an answer and continue to pursue your dreams.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. We leveraged 2008 recession. We shall innovate at the faster pace. Customers don’t know how to solve their pain points but what exactly are they. We took the bold move to subscription to get the revenue drop by 25% and our EPAs dropped by 65% and dropped to 6 billion market cap that bounced back to 250 billion today.

Demographics of India, that of Hyderabad, are India’s treasure. Our IP goes home every day and comes back to Offife the next day. College hiring is what we do a lot. Surround yourself with the young folks and these young college grads inspire you by calling a spade a spade. The venture community did amazingly well is only one investor who wild say yes unlike the corporate wheee everyone has to say yes to get idea moved forward. We follow that venture thinking within Adobe.

Purpose: Think about your mission and vision but also purpose. We think lot about content authenticity. We use AI for that and our purpose is creativity for all and use technology as a transformer. Biggest asset in our balance sheets is our treating with our customers.

Paradigm shift: Confluence of what is happening and healthcare. Personalised healthcare with AI is not a reality. Generative AI that chip companies are doing is fascinating.

Digital: You have to know your customers. Digital enables you to do that. Personalisation is one. Satya and I are one of the first companies to double down in Azure. Nike creates personalised shoes. Whatever be your industry, know your customer and personalise.

Family: Without a question, my parents are proud of my Padmasri title over the market cap growth I brought to Adobe.

Challenges for India: Be impatient for progress and have unreasonable expectations. That is what KTR and Jayesh showed when I met them the first time. Also, embrace failure as a culture.

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