Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Community event of IIITH CIE Startups” on 11th January 2017


Research Dean Dr. Vasudeva Varma: We are working on rebranding programs at IIITH by pushing high in quality and experience. Make it enjoyable environment. Unless we interact more and share our pains and scars, we won’t be able to protect others. Sharing stories is important as we are story centric culture.

IIIT is a very unique environment that can carve your success faster. We have physical and virtual initiatives such as new block, Kohli Research Block and research initiatives linked to industry and society.

Smaller tools and techniques are available to make a differentiation for the products of Startups. This campus is vibrant in terms of energy. One shall leverage the presence of stakeholders for the success of startups.
More focus on IOT, Big Data, Analytics AR, VR and VLSI and other old initiatives.
Lakshmi: we have grown as a family with 23 new startups that joined us in 2016.
Bhanu and Gowtham of Mobiport: Our startup provides solution for app discovery. Right app for the right context and time. There are 5 millions of total apps that we analyse and do recommendation engine with our partners. We are running 50K to 60K apps in cloud daily. With this data we go to market in February and figure out the market validation.
Naresh of Blisstalk innovation: Design and manufacture devices that track you and your loved ones. We are done with POC.
Venu Madhav of Data Skates: We do primary and secondary market research. We help the companies in their value chain.
Arvind of IOT Suitcase: We have an IOT lab down stairs.
Ravi from Golive: We are into building games. We build framework to build similar games. We built it in Unity now. First good thing is that we built a Jungle  Book game for a TV production. We got 500K installs in 2 months. We got deals from WWF India and couple of Indian animation studios with Indian mythology driven games.
I have been here for three years. I like the way things have grown from where we started in Neelagiri building and now brand IIIT helps us in getting too talent. If we weren’t in IIIT we wouldn’t have hired such great talent. We got nominated as top startup at nation levels.
Naveen from MyAlly: Srikanth Sundararajan referred us. We got 30 members now. We use machine learning to do automated scheduling say for sales reps. We got good traction. We made $80,000 last year and we got more traction this year. PWC is in pipeline too.
When I came here, Tom accommodated immediately. Kiran helped us. Team is very accommodative. This  meeting is definitely important. CIE helps us in hiring the best talent. When we say we are based out if IIIT, we get brand value.
When we went out to do campus hire drives, we are welcomed.
Hemanth Satyanarayana (3 years in CIE) of Imaginate from AR VR: Virtual fitting room. When I returned to India, we started office in Banjara Hills. We identified IIIT to collaborate with IIIT and its technology research.
We had 94 startups at one point of time. With THUB, IIIT is split. That talks about CIE.
We have been working with Raghu Reddy and we get to work with students not on mission critical use cases but something important. Students do MVPs and they are accountable.
We like VR and AR space.
Kavitha has been our friend and guide for past couple of years and we share expensive virtual reality assets. We worked in her lab and share and discuss things that we can commercialise and beyond. Kavitha is the reason for CIE’s existence.
Vasudeva Verma: Pradeep Mittal has been a pillar of strength as investor and mentor. He is now president of TIE.
Pradeep Mittal: I met Hemanth 3 years ago and we helped him in the context. Quality of startups in Hyderabad started to go up. I am here with Amit Chowdhary. I like the persistence of the likes of Hemanth. We want all of you to succeed in this ecosystem.
VLSI (Tesla, Global Foundaries..) session happened at Novotel. Don’t hesitate to seek help anytime. Push the envelope and TIE. I acquired a small pharma tech company that had been in losses but I have made, all over the world, network in pharma industry. Don’t under estimate the power of network.
Most of TIE  mentorships happen every first Friday of the month. Pick any TIE member online and Sridevi can schedule. If startup founders here take initiative, it works.
Smitha Pawar of TIE can help you.
Kainos: Our mentor is Dr. KN Rajan and we are into geo spatial analytics. Most of our clients are from government.
We started as three member team and we are 8 member team. Pradeep) Rajesh Alla of IIC is close friend of mine.
Tom Thomas: Thankful to Kavitha. Then Prashant and then thanks to Srinivas Kollipara we lost him to THUB. Vasu has been giving us right direction while Ramesh has been pushing us in right direction.
Avishkar, our deep tech accelerator is run by Sujil. One of the first robots that paint the wall is from Avishkar. Personal stylist in phone is another startup.
Third one is into hoptics. Next one is a homework or vocation helper. Applications for third batch are open now. If you have any startups in seed stage, refer. 10 lakhs funding and demo day after 6 months. We have been a 4 member team end to end. We would like to see you all build and share the brand of IIIT.
KK: Performance management of apps: Team CIE understands how tech startups work. Ramesh guided   me recently and happy. Ritesh of Microsoft helped us in cloud access for working with a big customer.
Ritesh Modi of Microsoft: Senior technology evangelist of Microsoft. Dedicated focus for startups.
Srinivas Kollipara: Ramesh is the rock star here as board advisor. He is back full time. I ask each startup founder here to start meeting everyone and find synergies. Community is the key that Ramesh always says. Go and say hello to random ones.
Raghu Reddy of IIIT: 
Thanks to Vasu from bringing me on board. Very happy to be here. I have software research engineering group. I have the scores for second year students. We gave them real client opportunities instead. We get 70 projects though we need only 40. These are actual developed pieces of product that can blend into a product.
I work on Usability and model driven systems with code generation.
How many of you have technology roadmap and Investor roadmaps? How many of you have customer development roadmap?
Ramesh: Incubation is what we have been trying to do. We want to make sure there is monthly touch point and it is kind of mandate for startups. We schedule office hours. We want to see the whole place look like one and homogeneous. We will relaunch the whole place soon. We want to replicate the model.
We are going to launch a VLSI space. It helps startups in that space. The other area is Medtech.
Technology Transfer Office is what Tom leads after R&D Showcase. We also would like productise the research outputs internally.
Next couple of months bring all things together in a bigger canvas. Meenakshi joined us for industry outreach. We want to scale from commission research and placements to much more and explore. She takes care of outreach.


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