Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Building best performing apps by Rohit Pandharkar of Headspin” through Mobile10X at T-HUB on 24th Jan 2017
Testing and performance improvement is important even for well funded apps like flipkart.
Unless you rest your app on multiple spectrum, networks and locations, you can’t be sure of about the performance of your app.
We have a lab inside HQ of Jeo labs in Mumbai. We can take screenshots for the errors. We can do automation testing.
We deal with Uber and Facebook also. Uber got 1200 licenses from us to do robotic testing every day.
I landed in Hyderabad in the morning and used Uber. Uber in 4G takes time to retrieve price!
Our name
Headspin, out company name came from the revolving hourglass.
Flipkart on Vodafone network in Hyderabad didn’t perform well in loading. When they are thinking of going mobile only, hoe do they test this is happening even before the launch is happening?
There is app upload area in our platform that you can drag and drop on to the mobile device and you can start experiencing the speed.
From Mumbai phone we took Telugu as a language and m
Localization testing
Snapdeal tried to do their app in 15 languages. They shut it later. Cause: not having a localisation testing.
SIM Card location data
GPS Location data
If the phone sets a location, if you go to anew location, it still shows the old location.
Through cloud, we change the SIM card attachment as we can swap the cache.
What happens to the video streaming when the voltage is low?
Amazon app in Mumbai on Jeo: Post mortem of the network inside the app
Typical use case is to go and test buying an item on an app. Amazon is downloading 40MB. It went to the place and downloaded a prime movie trailer app which is a diversion. 15 MB out of 40 is movie size. Images on Amazon are jpegs. But webp is better as is 5 times faster. They don’t use it for compatibility as it is more android compatible.
How much data does your app download in 5 minutes? If you do this, then you think in terms of the network.
“Pinterest of handloom in India” is all images. Then you see the importance. average time is 90ms. Non-cdn website means 463ms.
Try the following.
  • Cloud front
  • Acamai
  • Cloudinary
High number of India end points means faster overall app performance.
Session wide metrics
  1. Make a call
  2. SSL handshake
  3. Request for an image from server
  4. Wait time
This wait time is a deal breaker for apps.
We have seen many apps integrating 21 SDKs. These are major bottlenecks. If they all trigger simultaneously, problem gets worsening.
Some SDKs
  • SDK tracks click activity
  • SDK tracks latency
  • SDK does analytics
Concurrency: If your app take lots of resource space and if OS rations you on further access and your bad if it happens on payment screen, imagine your plight!
Panic Q) Our uninstall rate is more than 100%. What is happening?
A) We wish you had used pre-launch API testing even before play store launch. If you can figure out that your connections are increasing beyond a level, you can make a call then itself. Our platform shoes you those 4-5 outlier ones in red. You can dig them further deep.
Out of total 100 parameters or metrics for performance, we emphasis on TCP times, SSL times, IP Rerouting times and more.
Uninstall could happen because of apps performance times.
Tools free online
  • Charles proxy
  • Fiddler
  • Wireshark (for web apps)
Credits to T-HUB: You may get access to 100+ shared devices from us.
We can dedicated pool of devices to you at a price that you can run every few hours.
Want latencies in 5 different cities with five different networks in a single screen? Yes we can.
Drivers of performance
  • Image formats
  • Which CDNs
  • How many parallel connections
  • Smaller “keep alive configurations” (leading to reconnect and connect to servers)
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