Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on a session by “Jack Dangermond of Esri, a IS Tech company” at T-HUB on 23rd January 2017
Srinivas Kollipara, COO of T-HUB:  Esri is a 47 year-old self-funded company.

Jack from Esri: We were in research at Harvard University and we took the computer mapping idea back in 1960 with my wife. We didn’t want to borrow and get into debt. We just wanted to use  computer mapping for the environment.

We are focused on serving our 350000 customers with 10,000 people and 2000 business partners.

Today we don’t live in a car but we still have the same philosophy of meagre living. We love the idea of digital geography.
Nurturing employees is key for us. We spend long time on engineering and science.
Digital Transformation:
We are undergoing a digital transformation. Virtually everything that moves is being measured. This platform gives huge opportunity.
Mapping and GiS are layered on top of digital transformation. The world is changing dynamically. Bringing the science to life. Bring digital transformation to normal people.
“Measurement to Action” cycle
  • Data management
  • Visualisation and Mapping
  • Analysis
  • Planning and design
  • Decision making
  • Action
Here are the verticals we cater to:
-Urban, regional and rural planning
-Transportation planning and management
-Engineering and public works
-Utilities and telecommunications
-Building and campus management
-Business analysis and management
-Health education and demographics
-Public safety and security
Epidemics, geographical expansion and so on. Where bad guys are going to move next. That comes under public safety. Terrorism. Earthquakes.
This is not about google maps but about pattern recognition. 
In India, we have huge opportunity to access government data and use GIS on top of it.
We made 120 million of story telling maps called story maps.
How it works?
Creating a nervous system for our planet. Brings digital information together.
Smart GIS Enablrd new types of collaboration
Shared services and shared data. Overlay our info for problem solving in integrated way.
Future of GIS
Connecting individuals, organisations and communities.
We do software products on our arcGIS platform in desktops, servers and cloud. All components are available for licensing. Maps for apps is sometimes open sourced and open API.
Business opportunity is enormous not just for mapping but also for analytics. We we like Microsoft. We spent quarter of a billion dollars in research per year.
We do smart maps that help you do analytics. Star bucks and Walmart use us to pick the right location.
Field GIS: Anywhere and anytime systems of engagement
We opened up the hood of our tools for Startups to leverage.
We have native app builders.
We have 1000s of partners. We let startup community to leverage our tools. We would like to invest in you with what we know. May not pump funds but will extend our technology to you.
If you built a cool app that works on Reliance, you have got customer out there.
We integrated SAP and Esri.
Q) What kind of challenges you see in Indian market?
Middle East is really strong. Then there is india. India is coming alive now.
Q) Location based intelligence?
Optimise the conference rooms and do space planning. It is useful for buildings with 100s of rooms.
We do US $1.2B in revenues in USA and we have 400 employees in India.
Q) How did your company help the BP oil leakage of 2010?
BP, government and NGOs used our data in case of deep water horizon BP oil crisis.
MOU signed between THUB and ESRI

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