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Whatsapp does its share of good things too. It started with a note in our peer group by Prem of Rasta Studio earlier today about upcoming talk by HH Dalai Lama. If not for a call to Naidu, founder of, and his timely support with entry pass, we would have missed this probably once in a lifetime opportunity to get blessings of HH Dalai Lama. Today being birthday of my father-in-law who accompanied me to this event made it much more memorable.
Fortunate to get seats in second row from the front. Such is the humblebess of Nobel laureate His Holiness Dalai Lama, he offered Namaste to audience by moving from one stage of the corner to the other.
Mahmood Alii, Deputy Chief Minister
On behalf of the government and people I extend warm welcome to His holiness. HH is the epitome of peace that won him Nobel Peace prize. HH came to our state before in 2006 for inauguration of Buddha statue. Whatever direction HH gives to the state, we will follow.
KTR: Pleasure to welcome HH. His name transcends region and religion boundaries. His non-violence drive is recognized across the globe. I had the pleasure and privilege to interact with him for the past 60 minutes. Elated with his wit. We are privileged to be in his presence.
Dalai lama center for ethics focus on knowledge, education and beyond. This is formed to honor the vision of 14th Dalai Lama. 6 Nobel laureates are members of this center. We are honored they picked Hyderabad as center for Asia. Happy that goverment of Telangana could give the land for the centre and a grant of 5 crores.
HH Dalai Lama:
I am just one of the seven billion human beings that are our brothers and sisters. The way we are born or die is the same. Raja, Rani or beggars are born or die the same. Have the sense of being one among 7B humans.
Wherever I go and meet someone, I smile. Mostly they also smile. Then we feel happy, some don’t smile and or grumpy. Sometimes we have to tickle them so smile comes.
I am one among the brothers and sisters. Mentally emotionally and physically we are same. If I say I am Dalai Lama, I feel lonely among the 7B. We are different at this second level. Sometimes there is a barrier. We are different in many ways, such as nationality and religion but all this secondary.
Most problems we create are our own man-made ones with secondary levels of differences. Faith itself is causing division and killing.
Same planet and same human beings are suffering out of emphasis on secondary level thinking. We can’t remain like this. It is immoral. All these sufferers say it is beyond our control.
Global warming is a concern. Some states like Holand are below sea level. Sea level is increasing and some small island will begin to submerge with it.
We should be ready to help each other with sense of oneness of humanity. I think of global events at the early 20th century that gave emphasis on nationalities that led to wars. Later in the century, human beings particularly in European content like French and German, were fighting.
French and Germans were enemies. That kind of enmity now disappeared. I think great of this spirit of European Union now. Through difficulties and immense destruction of war, they realize to better live together. I am one of the admirers of EU. Similar to the European Union, we should develop African Union. It saves lots of money for so called sovereign states and their weapons.
Separate nation is mentally distressfull. EU members say “our good neighbors”. That kind of feeling is important. Even Latin America should develop as one union. While new president of America wants to create a a wall, I feel Mexico must be part of USA. Then Asian union. Japan and China and India will all be in an union.
My dream won’t materialize with in this century. But eventually it shall create the union of the world. Then we achieve a de-militarized world. Create a spirit of dialogue in practical methods. Solve through dialogues with sense of global responsibility. Make this century a century of dialogue. Anger, distress and jealousy make it impossible.
Compassion, karuna, ahimsa, are key. Karuna is the basis of ahimsa. Ahimsa out of fear is not genuine. Out of compassion it is genuine. Ahinsa has been there last 3000 years in India.
All religions settled in this country. Hindu, join, Buddhish and Sikh are all home grown religions. 1000 year old indian tradition is tradition of religions. Khan from ancient Parsia (Iran) then attacked.
Many parsis in Mumbai are peaceful. That is india. Kerala is peaceful with different religions. Second country in the world after Indonesia you have biggest Muslim population. Hindustan got all world religious traditions and they co-exist peacefully. Occasional problems are there and are understandable as india is land of humans, not land of God.
India is where all religions live with mutual respect for religions. Indian Muslims between suni and shia have no problems. I met some young people from different Muslim countries. Some African young student told me at the death bed of his friend determined to bring peace from then on. Violence means suffering. Follow dialogue to solve problems. Develop determination to bring peace somehow. At that very moment that young African brought in determination, I probably would have fled in that moment of his friend’s death.
India is example for the rest of the world that religions coexist with mutual learning and mutual respect. Ancient India got marvelous concept of mind. Ancient indian psychology is so big and modern psychology looks like a kindergarten library.
More emphasis on philosophy. I am maybe biases as Buddhist philosophy.
Through discussions in Cosmology, neuro biology, quantum physics and psychology over past 30 years I learnt a lot from them. I support  authentic and scientific finding.
Ahimsa is a method to manage emotion. Inner world is about moral principle. Modern India is too much westernized. Please pay attention to ancient indian knowledge of 1000 years old that adddressed mind and emotion. As far as Buddhism is concerned, two eminent persons visited Tibet on the invitation of Tibetian emperor of that tine. They introduced dharma based on logic.
We Tibetians have best of knowledge. We can say proudly we kept knowledge and tradition intact over thousand years. Indian has the ability to combine modern technology with ancient tradition of inner values. Only India has this ability.
More and more young Indians, universities and organizations are seriously thinking about revival of ancient indian knowledge.
I am a student of Nagarjuna and his philosophy.
Few 1000 years ago India discovers quantum physics. Modern science shall pay attention not as observer but objectively. Like India says atma and anatma. Then there are lots of discussion with Buddhism. Buddhism can help quantum physics through observer thinking.
I am a messenger of ancient indian thought. I have more ancient indian knowledge than some of the indian leaders on this dias. In order to promote happier humanity, ancient indian knowledge is very essential.
Few years ago I met someone from Chinese community. He asked me “why do you call yourself son of India?”. I told him all my mind  cells are filled with what Nalanda taught. My physical body is fed with Indian pulses. So I am son of India.
I will be 82 in July. I am in India since 24. Some of my friends  say look 60.l or 70. All this physical health has to do with healthy mind. For healthy mind, Indian traditional knowledge is very much helpful.

Aravind) internal ones are intangible and invaluable. Outer ones are tangible and valuables.  How do we combine both?
HH) Body and mind including emotion are key. Body needs material facilities. Modernization is also important. Majority remains under poverty. There are slums. So we need further material development. Billionaires are very rich but very unhappy. Then inner value brings mental peace. We still need more money and material development.
Further India development shall concentrate on rural area and big cities. Suicide rates in cities are higher than in villages. Villages have more sense of community and friendship. Work and salary of city give less of human content. Rural area development is very important.
Scientists investigated about human nature. One scientist showed two children playing with smile on a cartoon. 5 month infant saw that and smiled. Another cartoon with two negative children is shown and infant was grumpy too. Basic human nature is compassion. Anger is not. More compassionate system is very very helpful. Basic human nature is compassion. When I heard these scientists, I felt there is hope as basic human nature is not anger. Existing education system is very much about external values and not inner values. Moral principle is not about religious faith, it is secular. Secular means respect all religions and even non-believers. It is very relevant in today’s world where 1B out of 7B are non-believers. Method of education shall include even non-believers. This is secular.
Sesha Rao from InsideView) Role of parents?
HH) one scientist once told me, after birth, child’s physical touch with mother is key factor for proper development of brain. Physical touch is very important. Mother’s milk is very important. Cow’s milk is nutritious but not a substitute for her own milk. My mother is very compassionate. First teacher of compassion. Mother should spend more time with child. 
The other day I participated in women Parliament. A female should take more active role regarding human compassion. We should make effort for promotion of deeper human value that is human compassion as women are more compatible with compassion biologically. Scientific experiment on male and female watching death indicated female are have higher potential in taking care of others.
Meera) How to prepare for death and after life?
HH) It depends on individual and his attitude. If the person believes religion, with in religion there are different ways. Think more about God. At the moment you are dying, some kind of compassion or Love of God is good.
Buddhist think “karuna combined with ‘philosophy of nothing’ independently exists”.
Philosophical thinking is important at the time of death. I visualize process of death in my daily meditations as when death comes I am not sure I could do meditate and be analytical.
There are eight stages of death. Memory is there. Then it wanes. Later stage we can’t carry memory. When it is there think compassion. That impact or influence continues even when memory no longer works. Finally we call it clear light when breathing stops. Clinically dead but still most of subtle level of consciousness is still there. Some American scientists begin to investigate why body remain fresh weeks after death in some cases.
Prepare death when you are in active life. Don’t harm others. If you follow this, at the time of death you have no regrets and feel goood that “I carried my life meaningfully.”
Tensing) Which meditation us more beneficial? Analytical or concentration?
Vipassana, analytical is better. First step is focus on breathing. Myself, body, feeling and world. Analyse and analyze. Time, past, present and future. No present. Take century. Which is present? Even within a day, we can’t say what is present. Go take that to seconds. You can’t find present. Without present, we can’t say past and future. My body has many parts. Where is the body? This is all analytical meditation. Hatha sutra: Form is empty and empty is form. 90% of negativeness we see is mental processing. Investigate further. There is a huge gap between appearance and reality. Conventional truth versus true truth of nothingness.
This is why we can train the emotions such as compassion and familiarize. Anger is not good  and don’t train on it. Practice Kasa and vipassana, you have to study these philosophies.
You need different views to do analytical meditation. Different views and sources provide basis for analytical medication. Within Buddhism, we have some contradicting philosophical views.
When I was young, I was lazy. Then I got interested. When I have time ti read Nagarjuna writings and more such as Dharma Keerthi. Indians are historically our gurus. All the knowledge came from India. Unfortunately our guru (India) is too much attached with materialistic tools.
Q) What is secret of your youth?
Secret is secret. No nothing secret. Sufficient sleep. 9 hours. Sleep at 6pm and wake up at 3am. Then analytical meditation for 4 hours and one hour meditation in the evening. This brings inner peace. Physical plus mental level is 9+5. That is my secret.
Vote of thanks:
I thank his excellency governor of TS. Honorable CM and DCM. KTR is my aspiration for multi tasking 5 ministries. Very few leaders exhibit such ethos. I express gratitude to “Rimpoche”. An event of such magnitude is born out of commitment. I thank Srinivas Kollipara. I thank event management firm Rachanostsav. Thank the police force. Thank the team leaders of Hyderabad. Thank the press, audience and global viewers. List of names is too long and please note you have my utmost gratitude.
You are a stabilizing voice of home and shining beacon of what humanity can be.
Devotees praying at the the chair that got blessed by HH


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