Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI
Jayesh Chowdhary: Special Chief Secretary AP
AP is like a Startup. Tight budgets. 10 entrepreneurs went to an African country to sell sandals. 9 of them returned as locals don’t use sandals. The one stayed back thought he will capture the 100% market. He did.
If all is in place, startups get breathless. Plenty of problems means plenty of opportunities for Stsrtups. We advise AP to create problem directory that has a list of problems to solve.
Turning point of technology in India
When India exploded first nuclear bomb, US issued sanctions. No technology transfer and no computers and so on. We were forced to develop those things by reverse engineering imported products. That was the golden time for India to acquire technology and that became our foundation. I was with department of electronics at that time. We initiated C-DAC at that time that created super computing.
Trump administration is creating golden opportunity for us with H1-B sanctions. When Mohan Dad Pai called me for niche talent in India, they said H1B sanctions impact startups in the valley. Those valley startups can’t afford high salaries and don’t have the brand to attract talent in USA. That is an opportunity for India.
20% of operations in India and 80% in India. Similar benefit from Brexit. De-globalisation is not good for Singapore, small country. 20 midsize Singapore startups are visiting.
Problems are great opportunity for AP startups. 
When I was STPI director, Y2K was big. When a lady who lost her husband approached me with poor grade in BA, I sent her to mainframes training in Kerala. Then she got H1-B and now she is working in Walm Street. Then her brother came with diploma in pharmacy and I put him in Lotus Notes and he also got H1-B and now he is an entrepreneur in Atlanta. All that era is gone now.
All the NASSCOM guys are telling me 25% of the exiting employees get sacked due to automation. It means big thing for entrepreneurs. Automation means less famous recruitment.
Gartner reports that 80% of the jobs get virtualised. 70% of a Bangalore one company’s employees work from him. People elsewhere in the world take your job! Virtualised world. Every student got to think unconventionally, else you will be digitised. Apply that mindset for businesses. Big plus for startup eco-system.
Exam centric methods without foundation don’t perform well in colleges.
First digital university in Tirupati with different pedagogy is coming up well. Fintech valley in Visakhapatnam is raising. Million dollar challenge is coming.

How to bootstrap a Startup
Prashant Garapati, Commut
Shreecharan, Stumagz
Srinivas Madhavan, vDeliver
Chaya Pamela, Pamten
Moderator: Subbaraju, RealShoppee
Prashant: Mini-bus 12 seater shuttles in peak hours with 1000 bookings a day in Hyderabad.
Shreecharan: We have magazine for every college. It is about story telling with 160 colleges and 1.5 lakh students. Brand who want to reach out to student get access at lower customer acquisition costs.
Srinivas vDeliver: We deliver anything and everything in 15 minutes.
Chaya Pamula: We started from services of products. One of our products is “idea to product”.
Subbaraju) Challenges
Chaya: Perseverance
Srinivas: -Letting team understand my point of view
Shreecharan: -Comparison
Prashant: No background in transportation
Subbaraju) How did you overcome the challenge
Chaya: Understand customer problems
Srinivas: Operational Excellence (100% customer satisfaction)
Shreecharan: Word of mouth
Prashant: Perseverance
Subbaraju) How did it happen? Why did you choose to become entrepreneurs?
-Job creation

Technology in healthcare
Rohit Sharma @CallHealth
UmaShankar @ CallAmbulance
Dr. Niranjan @Caremotto
Moderator: Sumit,
Uma Shankar: Reaching the ecosystem and making it monetizable business is the key.
Specialities are delivered by the hospital. Hospitals got their own app to manage these specialities. Even larger hospital chains don’t have that connect with emergency. Pediatric, cardiac, neurological and gyenic are our focus areas. If I sell to a consumer once, we can take him on the journey. 70% of money hospitals make is on surgical procedures. Hospitals could see a revenue opportunity through emergency use cases. Alignment to solve this problem is very very high.
Rohit: The biggest driver is full integration. Everything comes to your home. Home delivery is big focus. Doctor consultation, drugs delivery, health insurance, diagnostics and all done at the home of the patient at his comfort. Customers pay us. Affordability is big markrt to capture.
Umashankar: We make money through a transaction fee of Rs.50 either for ambulance service or hospital visit. Insurance companies have vested interest in us and they gave commitment too. They need to pay directly to ambulance and insurance companies do straight through processing real time. We save wait time of insurance data gathering.
Caremotto: I started with my own personal network. We look to identify the right player wherever we go. Plan was to charge hospitals but slowly we have reduced the number of hospitals. Now we started charging the patients too.
Rohit: It is all about experience and performance report. Likewise it is the same as giving delightful experience every time.
Uma Shankar: Telangana government helped us integrate with 108. Building first response teams. Government extended lots of help in this training.
Content education is the big thing.
Three things.
-Affordable healthcare
-Insure people (government is spending very less)
-Chronic desease burden is high
     Hyper tension in young people with bad habits
     Cancer prevalence
Caremotto is doctor discovery platform. Need apps to let patients self-test. Resting heart rate numbers are key.
Instead of Arogyasri,l to private hospitals, use the same funds to empower the government hospitals. Insurance and preventive healthcare are must.
Rohit@CallHealth: If hospital got your past access record, it is a game changer. More healthcare startups lead to more data to give insights for hospital and public.
Who owns the data? How do you handle the consent?
Sumit: India Stack got consent mechanism.
Uma: Everthing on CallAmbulane platform is owned by consumers. They can choose whom to share with. I don’t enable Facebook login for CallAmbulance. Very serious about the privacy. Segregate personal identifiable data with medical data.
Niranjan: We don’t have proper mto chanson for data. We have lots of hard copy case sheets. We encourage people be data donors. BMI doesn’t hold good for Indians. Our BMI is supposed to be much more lower than American standard BMI. All the equipment is made for that standard. We need to train these devices on our data.
Rohit: As apps build data more and more, government agencies will pitch in and build a platform.

Joy of story telling: (Chai Biscuit, media Startup)
-Shruthi Chaturvedi
-Sharat Chandra
-Siddharth Ram, centre head of Startup Village, Vizag
What does “story telling” mean to you?
Shruthi: Something that gives me hope. Hero goes through challenges and gives a spark. His raising curve is a life lore for me.
Sharat: It is life. As a two year old, you start telling stories. Story telling takes you forward in life.
Shruthi: Tech driven media startup. Getting things done by tech team, you get into it too. Tech made things simpler for me with zero capital.
Sharat: Movie directors look into YouTube to find talent.
Suhas: Own movies means we pick the character

Rahul Narvekar, serial entrepreneur 
Tolerance for failure: Making your way to success
Born in October 1st 1972. I belong to constrained  mindset generation. I am a pre-matured baby of 7 months. Technically I was supposed to be born on 2nd October but it was a dry day. First 22 years I was in a 100sft room. My dads factory was shut in my childhood. We had second black and white television and we were richest and then we became very poor.
SPSJV school that I went grew with every class I move. I was an athlete. Neighbourhood boycotted me so I started with books. Then novels and comics. I develop the habit of speed reading. In math I barely pass. I was bad in math because of poor eye sight that I didn’t disclose with my dad as we have no money.
In 10th standard, my mom told me to find a job to study further. I did night watchman job. I didn’t like it. I noticed medical representatives and went after sales job. Applied for sales person job with a discount card. I got the business card that read bunsiness executive (typo). Finally, I took courage and went to someone to sell. He said get out and it grew my confidence. Rej cation is the best medicine. A doctor asked me to speak slowly. He bought the first card out of kindness to support me. That was my first sale and I have been doing it forever.
We had 4 professors of institute of entrepreneurship (3 year program). I applied and they gave me scholarship but asked me to pay for hostel. Hostel fees are high. Reason: Bora Community took a three star hotel and made it an academy. I got a job in hotel Leela. I saw an ad “telescoping networking”. This lady took me to Ronnie Screwvala. He hired me as customer care executive as I was the only one who knows about UTV among the interviewees. I told them I read about in Forbes magazine from that store in front of our home. It was shocking to see him tell me call him by his first name. Free pickup and drop off from my hostel and 4200 a month pay! Awesome job that made my college mates jealous.
Studied at all male college and pickup van has all girls as colleagues. Ronnie was unconventional boss. He talks to us about strategy. We were studying Philip Kotler. I was expelled from the class for asking too many questions. I cried a lot as I don’t get certificate. I went back to UTV tele-shopping and signed up for full time. We discovered cable TV as medium. No corporate was advertising. We got all the cable operator contacts. Did great. I started new business.
A friend of mine from US started interactive TV. We didn’t have money. Hard drive with songs get called in for audience to pick and play song of choice.
Mr. Doshi gave 52 lakhs with the following conditions 
-I will invest in cash and take back check.
-I composed songs that you have to play.
42 cable boxes covere most of Mumbai. Beyond 15 channels subscriber has to manually change on TV. That means cable companies started picking the channels of their favour. One cable guy gave us opportunity. This guy from this cable company recommended us three more companies. We didn’t realise the guy who was helping was Chota Rajan’s brother-in-law. We were ignorant. As we grow, we reached 2 crores on top line now. When we were poor, we were think.  When we got money, we Cofounder’s fought. Channel went bust.
My wife met me online. I moved to Delhi for her. After wedding, I joined a mall. Wife became a radio jockey in radio mirchi. We became famous couple. Pallavi lost her voice and got the vocal chord cut. I quit my job. We realised 99% of our network vanished when we got nothing. After 2 years, using yoga she got her voice back. Radio Mirchi placed huge ads. All people started contacting back. Realised the value they gave to our chair, it is not us but they like our positions. I started this. As a group we raised 120M. Pallavi got into relapse. Then I moved on. NDTV came to me to give brand support. I thought I could easily raise 18 crores. 22 member team we got and our sponsor passed away. I didn’t have money to pay the Startups. Neelesh Rothi, my true friend gave me 32 lakhs of money with one hour notice. He kept giving me the money.
Outsiders always thought I got 100 crore in bank as we are NDTV firm. With 84 lakhs funding we started more online sales. (Indians roots) We got valued at 89 million which far better than NDTV valuation of 29 million.
During my trip in India, I met a lady who made entire Ramayana on a saree for 4 months and she charged only 4 thousand. I took her and team to Delhi. Made it on a better fabric. I put it on indianroots website at 26K but couldn’t get a buyer. We couldn’t make our own art desirable. But we spend lakhs on Italian made items. Irony.
All artisans get exploited. Their children work as labourer in NREGA. I have a fund called Scale Ventures. I like disposable brushes idea from yesterday’s pitches.
I am building a community called to help tier 2-5 cities. I am here to help.

Ratnakumar, CEO of Y square business incubator
I promise you this incubator is for you.

Palle Raghu Natha Reddy, IT Minister of AP
It is a great pleasure and privilege to participate in this prestigious program.
Make top three Indian states in 2020. Make top in 2019. Make world’s top in 2050.
IT Policy
Electronic policy
Innovation policy
IoT policy
These are the best in India. All the 28 permissions industry needs, gets approved in 3 weeks, if not consider yourself as approved.
Investors are welcome to AP. 227 degree colleges with 2.4 lakhs of annual intake. 3.6 lakhs from MCA and all other colleges. 6 lakhs intake is biggest.
Want mobey power, go to America.
Want mind power, go to AP.
Mind power is the biggest asset of AP. We put efforts on power surplus. Uninterrupted 24*7 power.
ePragathi: Bring all departments in to one place. Potential to be biggest in Asia.
Biggest data project that gives Internet facility to every home in AP. TV, phone and Internet all in one bundle at just Rs.149.  After Gujarat, we got the largest coastal area.
We have big asset in our CM.
StartAP started in 2014. Develop 100 best startups by 2018. Appreciate Y Square business incubator.
I was a chemistry lecturer who worked for 20 years without seeing the sun. Directly produced one lakhs persons and educated four lakh persons. I have started educational institutions and now I have 60 colleges. I provide employment of 4000. Then entered into politics. 4 times MLA. Now a politician with ministry of 5 portfolios.
Work culture 
Clarity and expression are the best for humans. We shall help this Soceity to make our lives historical. Whichever profession we take, we work with commitment. We shall give this society the culture of work. Target is important and there is no substitute for hard work.
AZ a lecturer I worked 14 hours. As an MLA I worked 18 hours. As a minister I work 18 hours. Charisma goes up with work. A tea seller became the PM of India. This is due to his work culture. One paper boy has become a President of India, Abdul Kalam.
Andhra’a pride is NTR. All because of work culture. People with zero background raised up the ladder through work culture. Tata, Birla and all started from rural background.
Even Chandra Babu Naidu was not intelligent in his studies. He did MA Economics. He is ideal for hard work. Work annhour extra from today. You will be successful.
Laziness is harmful. Do tomorrow’s work today. Do today’s now.
Sudarshana chakra
Pasupatha astram
Talk soft and good
One good word can be better then the thre above. Be soft spoken and have good, careful, pleasing and progressive words. Slip tongue is the most harmful.
Voice is the best ornament. Practice good talk. Tsk patiently and with balance.
Happiness in helping others can’t be achieved  elsewhere. 
Help the society. Donate a potion of your earnings. Not eating one half day in week is healthy. Donate that portion. Plant trees, donate blood and there is no happiness that giving, not in taking. Service to human is service to God. I got upset in China and there were no beggars in China. There is no happiness of not giving.
Three messages
-Work culture
-Soft talk
-Help others

Winners of “Mad about Idea” challenge 
Bharat and Sunil of IST Technologies are awarded 1lakh.
Government of AP offered the seats in Tirupati incubator for the following 5 Startups. 
-Jagadeesh of Sunrise eLearning
-Sreelekya Pasala of Object locator for visually challenging
-Venkatesh Ayer
-J katyayani of Design and fabricator of glass
When we had 2000 entries, we never expected such participation. We short listed them to 200 and did a work shop for them before getting to final 15.
Best Startup Pitch Award by Y Square goes to “Manam” app. It is Telugu app. He danced on the same Dias as part of his cultural meet in his childhood.

Some good AP startups
-Localwire (nearby)
-Bodha (organic shaving brush)
-Manam app
-DonateKart (aggregating donations)
-Gopi Raja of Fopple (pesticide sparay 1 acre in 7 minutes) (20 minutes to charge and runs for 15 minutes)
-Pulp from hyacinth (floating wine on still waters) to make paper and save trees
-Banners as shelter for poor


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