(Coverage by Mukund’s dad)
Today 23rd of February marks the annual day of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Atmakuri Ramarao school. For the central theme and event of Sri Krishna Leela, even the venue got completely renovated itself with new floors, new seats and new ceiling as if it was waiting for Lord Krishna to arrive.
We can achieve anything with everything with hope and confidence.

Deena Prajvalanam
Every good occasion starts with lighting ceremony followed by a prayer.
B Pujitha and Ananya Mantravadi sang Mahaganapathim.

Big or small, she seeks perfection. Under her able guidance, school has received many national and international rewards. Welcome our beloved principal to give annual report.
Principal Rani Madam
Warm welcomes to all. Small children like to play with toys. Why the kids are fond of cars of different colors? It gives them hope. Then kids grow quickly to see the real cars. Now India is talking about bullet trains. When we just stop for a minute, we can take BVB ARR as bullet train and the engine is our chairman sir Shri Goplakrishnan. The value that we get from his is not that we can acquire or buy from outside. It is nothing other than love, affection and sincerity. This bullet train is unstoppable under his ride.
Goplakrishnan: I am an old engine.
Principal: Diamond is costlier than gold. Sir, you are not old. Add one letter G to old and it becomes gold and diamond. His love flows like ocean.
We always talk about women. For any officer, there is age of retirement. For ladies, there is no retirement. The day we start at 16 in the kitchen till the day we really retire from this world, women continue. A warm welcome to Smt. Goplakrishnan. In the terms of our Chairmsn sit “wife is the chief guest at home”.
Our education officer YLN Rao gaaru, committee member Dr. Shruthi and others are very accommodating. Without parents, nothing is possible. Special welcome to them.
School report:
10 compartments are there in our bullet train without any noise or sound. I am sure we are the best.
Academics: 2016 results: 43 out of 105 got 10/10.  We are third best Bhavan’s school at all India level.
30 digital class rooms and two lifts are arranged. Kid’s play area is established.
Co-scholastic area: We are the first ranked among Bhavan’s schools.
Co-curriculum: Normal paintings and dance programs are taken as cultural program. Urvara is to keep us physically fit.
Sports and games: With in 7 years, 10 students reached national levels.
Seminars and workshops: Technology changes everything. To update ourselves, we need seminars and workshops. Student integration camps, student seminars and knowledge upgrade to telugu and math teachers are conducted.
Social development: Class 7 students collected unused goods for a week. Brushes, notebooks, pencils, importance of cultural activities at goverment schools. Students interacted with patients in a hospital. Students presented sweet boxes to constableS and thanked them.
Discipline: Follow the values and traditions of India. All traditional festivals are celebrated. Meticulous planning as a value is behind A1s.
Don’t climb the mountain that others see you, do it so you see the world. Let us grow as best human beings.

Surprise felicitation to Principal madam by teachers
Such a simple Principal madam you are. We are happy to honor you.
Reddiars: A leading magazine published an article on our Principal madam’s simplicity. She is full of innovative ideas and excellent knowledge of information. When we enter the madam’s cabin with new idea, the next moment she will implement them. She makes us feel we are one team.

Vice Principal: In my 35 years of teaching, I have never seen a Principal like this, all the 75 teachers feel like we are one team. She feels she is one among them.

Principal: Thanks to everyone. I am an ordinary lady. I don’t think I deserve all. My sincere thanks to Chairman and all the team members. Students make me enjoy every day.
Here is the video of the dance drama and the best program of the day.
Sree Krishna Leelalu

He made us believe “all power is with in you, stand up and express the divinity within you.”
Chairman’s message:
Yes I am an engine but an engine without compartments achieve nothing. These compartments were responsible to go in the right direction  with the admirable perfection and precision. I should thank thus Principal who got recognized by the teachers. I should admire the teachers for recognizing such principal without her support we would not have achieved so many awards within 8 years of inception. I should thank the principal and her team fir following the engine. In business parlance, macro planning can’t succeeded without implementation at micro level.
Where there is Krishna and Arjuna, there is success and prosperity. I might have given the vision but this wonderful team run the mission. I can’t have words you express God the principal, wonderful teachers and parents for making us number one school. We have to make more progress. I was there at school even today to take care of something. We will always be number one, not number two.

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