Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Storytelling” by Rana Daggubati at TEDXHyderabad on 24th September 2017
Film is a powerful medium to catalyze impact. Many new forms of story telling are emerging.
Rana Daggubati
When I was a kid, I thoght Mahatma Gandhi looks like Ben Kingsley. Now you know how I was brought up in film industry.
Kings governed everything. They showcased culture to the neighborimg kings and guests. They show cased culture. Then kings disappeared. It all started in 1894 when Lumia brothers started motion pictures.
We traversed from silent movies to movies with music to artists and even painters and do on. Cinema is the keeper of arts. This is where it all started in the world. In 1930 first indian silent movie was made. Raja Harichandra.
50 years after that, my grand father had begun. We are a film production house. House that makes a movie and gives it to distributors. We moved to Hyderabad, made cinema an industry. We went into exhibition that is about owning and leasing those theaters.
We built film laboratories, sound stations and visual effects. It all changed now. Digital technology arrived. Infrastructure is not the same. We realized we are story tellers with formatted business. Television came in. Then Amazon and Netflix took over. Then smart phones. We have to tell stories in all these platforms. The new ecosystem we didn’t understand. 
New ecosystem
Phones and laptops and even augmented reality now. Virtual reality is when you walk into the great world of where movie is being made. People who understand innovation is the change that happened. I was asked why it is I chose to talk here. My mother used to run film laboratory that we shut. We let close personnel go away. We thought this business would continue. It got to be easy to pick new opportunities. I did a film Bahubali. It broke the norms at nationwide. We made something far bigger. Storyteller that us director of Bahubali believed stories last forever. Then the producers. He propagated our culture and owned the silver screen for the world to see. Producers believed the same. They made a method to madness. The film is made in hyderbad soil.
People from many different fields made it. We need people from technology and design to tell better stories. If you guys back the film makers and start innovation with them by giving technology, they can do many Bahubalis. How? Look at this as a business. This is going to be largest with big margins. All of you help us tell stories. Every one of you is a story tellers. Web offered solutions for this.
How do we figure these new ways abd mediums of telling stories? AR guys that I met did construction technology. We took it to the poster to tell a story. Cinema hams the power.
Empower us to tell stories better way across diffeent platforms. Come and tell stories. India is the land of stories. Let us tell stories. Together.


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