Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Zero Tolerance for violation” by Sunitha Krishnan at TEDHyderabad on 24th September 2017
Speaker rescued many sex traffic victims. She literally shouted at the audience. She expressed her angst and frustration on everyone who has  been passive and tolerant of the second crimes. She connected many with her directed yelling on ones own own conforts and shook many in the audience to the core.
Sunitha Krishnan of Prajvala an NGO
I was under the arrogant presumption that I know about sex crime and see trafficking till one of inspectors called me up and requested me to assess a recording of a victim.
Inspector quietly pointed out to this little baby. I was informed she was brutally raped by her neighbor. Thousands of these younger kids are violated. This child made me numb. I excused myself and I said I can’t do it. I referred to a psychologist to take the case forward.
A 5 year old raped in school by a gym trainer. Look at these satisfied young men who recorded the entire video and circulated it everywhere. These videos came to my hand. I started a campaign to find them. My vehicle got vandalized. Many threats happened to me. I went to supreme court!  The first arrest was made of a prominent builder from Orissa who raped his own employee in his own office, he recorded the video to threaten her to be quiet.
Very soon, many arrests are made. Victims on one end silenced. The other end perpetrators walk free. I wonder what is the reason? Who is the cause for this impunity. I wonder about you and me. One of the biggest cause us the silence within us. It is not about breaking the silence and holding the candle.
It is breaking the silence within your soul.
Fight for justice. A drop out from college created a fake profile and duped 189 girls. Only one reported. 188 refused to report to end that crime. Why?
Break the silence about the suffocating passivity.
Be responsible every day. Don’t just give back. Respond, talk to our sons and brothers and men. Tell them being a real man is not about abusing a child or woman. Create action within us. No need to plant seeds. Help police. Be victim friendly. Find actions we can do in daily life.
We tolerate these crimes every day.stop this all encompassing tolerance.
When the social media says they can’t stop rape videos saying they are third party content,  they are telling the perpetrators to do it. They give chance to them. These tech firms talk about privacy then.
As a society and we come together as a community to have zero tolerance.
Can tech firms take a pledge? Can we start doing it? We excelled in creating an environment for perpetrators. We say why did she go out in the night?
Can we take a decision to create a world that is more victim friendly to stand and fight and win the war of justice together. 


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