Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Success Mantra for Entrepreneurship” at the second anniversary of T-HUB @Hitex on 26th November 2017.
My gratitude to all the stakeholders. Thanks to judges Lakshmi, Sriram and Ashish.What is that one keyword that defines success in entrepreneurshipFailure Parties lose elections. Companies go down. Everything with social economics and politics make failures public and visible. 90% of the entrepreneurs fail and they do it quietly. Embrace that. Raise your hand and say I am ok to fail. It is about many failures. Not a lifestyle event.
Failure is 100% OK. 
Michael Jordan: I have missed 9000 shots. 300 times I was given opportunity but I didn’t convert the opportunities. 36 times I had winning shot on hand but missed. You fail, fail and fail and that is when and why you succeed.THUB started as an incubator. We pivoted many times like any Startup. We have evolved to now 3 pillars.
1) Largest Incubator in country that impacted 500 Startups. 145 are in the building now.
2) Corporate Innovation is about Solving fundamental  problems.
3) International Relationships: Top 10 from India go to multiple ecosystems in the world. The reverse happens to while we host Startups from the rest of the world ecosystems too.
In the eyes of the world, India is basking in the glory of what lies ahead. Startup ecosystem is one of the leading causes. Let us out Startup ecosystem of India on the global map. What do I get if I win the Startup pitch?
Bragging rights. Some prizes too.

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