Coverage by Bhat Dittakavi of Variance.AI on “Success in Entrepreneurship” by Amit Duhlani on  27th Nov 2017 at GES
Amit is a good friend from ISB. A spiritual person with great family values and impeccable business acumen. He does international business in merchant manufacturing of fabrics. I have met him at GES and got an opportunity to interview him. What is a success for you?
Amit:Having great relationships.
Why do you like business?
Amit: It helps to make a significant change in the lives of people that work with us.
What is one driver that brought success to you?
Being in the business of business.
You have many businesses. Why? How do you juggle?
I do it through partnerships. I do this by trust. Trust reciprocates. my partner said once he could trust me as I trust him implicitly.
Challenges in merchant manufactureing?
Finding the lowest cost raw materials or the job work. The whole process too. This is a narrow margin business and hence we are always on top of the toes.
What did ISB teach you?
ISB gave me a bunch of great friends who constantlt enrich eith no expectation.
What is your future plan of life goal?
Serve. Be the servant to servant to servant of Guru. A Krishna philosophy. Help people educate the needy women. Education is positive. Nandgau village of Brindavan got a rundown school with poor facilities and the place is rented with no labs, libraries and playground. My friend identified a land over there and I commited to buying it. My ISB connection helped me with folks who can teach the girls there. This is my target to have 500 to 1000 village girls educated in next five years.
Your take on risk?
If you are risk taker, you have it and you can’t fake it. However i won’t trade sure thing for unsure thing as Chanukya of ancient India stated.

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